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Catering Serves 15 to 20 People

Large Tossed Salad Choice of Dressing 24.99

Caesar Salad 24.99

Garlic Bread 15.99

Chicken Wings: 50 Piece Buffalo or BBQ sauce, includes celery, ranch or Bleu cheese dressing 49.99

Italian Beef: 5Lbs French Bread, choice of sweet or hot peppers 64.99

Italian Sausage French bread, Choice of sweet or hot peppers 39.99

Spaghetti or Mostaccioli Marinara Sauce 39.99 | Meat Sauce 44.99 | Baked with Mozzarella add 10.00

Meatballs Served in marinara sauce 39.99 Add French bread & sweet or hot peppers 10.00